ULD Inspection as a Service

SOAR has digitized the manual inspection process and offers a seamless digitalized inspection application


Inspections to Intelligence!


Caputure container damages in real time

With the SOAR app you can instantly caputure container damages in real time which helps you speed up the inspection process.

Container Inspection as a Service

The container inspection checklist is used to assess the structural integrity of intermodal containers and guarantee the safe transport of cargo. The 7-point container inspection complies with international regulations and is a comprehensive technique in performing container inspection.

Stay complaint with the ISO Container Inspection Checklist.

Avoid unforeseen cargo damage and product loss by using our Container Inspection Tool to comply with the ISO 7-Point Container Inspection Check-list to identify the common defects found during container inspections.

ULD Inspections made easy

Security and Compliance measures are important when moving cargo. SOAR Survey solutions makes your container and ULD inspections easy.

ULD Inspection as a Service

Inspection prior to take off! SOAR has digitized the manual inspection process and offers a seamless digitalized inspection application!

 Smart Survey & Monitoring System

Uniqueness of the
Container Survey & Reefer Monitoring

Gives specific privileges of using trending technologies and this solution has the potential to be developed and integrated with the customer.


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 Smart Survey & Monitoring System

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Smart Survey is an ideal and real time solution to increase your company’s efficiency and accuracy of work in the field.
Be smarter to make a change to your business with our Inspection & Monitoring Solution.




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Smart Survey / Inspection System

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